Here We Go!

Dan Forer headshot

Well, it’s high time I started blogging again. And now I’ve got a topic to deal with that’s been on my mind for some time. It’s my old and stale website. Things have changed radically since the time I first engaged an expert to build a website for me.

So many new devices out there that folks use to research and investigate resources for their photography needs. So I’m looking through my portfolio to find fresh examples to show off my skills.  As I look over my recent digital work and compare it with my years of film, I’m impressed by the fact that it’s not the medium you work with but the imagination you bring to the assignment. I bring an eye for composition and I capture the importance of light in a scene. That’s where all the years working to perfect my craft really paid off. That most unforgiving medium of film wasn’t for the faint-of-heart. I had to make each image perfect without the crutch of Photoshop to help me. A keen sense of color and of shadows and highlights, that sensitivity was the hallmark of the work I produced in those film years.

And now I move it all to the digital world. What a different experience. It no longer takes hours to set up and execute a shot. Many hours at the computer is the new reality. It’s not easier because of Photoshop. On the contrary, much more is expected. Now, in post-production I’m able to make the adjustments which bring an image to new heights of excellence.

This brings me back to the re-build of my website. With the help of my IT guru, Henry VandenBosche of Start On Technology, we’re pulling my film-work together with my digital-work and we’re building a site I can be proud to display. I regret not starting this process sooner. No matter. It’s never too late to advance, be it shooting techniques or computer skills. The result, a portfolio I’m proud of.

But be it film or digital; either way, my photographs are there to convey the imagination and skill of the designers who create these wonderful places.


Here’s an example of a shot on film which had to be complete IN THE CAMERA! No cheating – all lighting had to be perfect there and then.

RESTAURANT Pelican Restaurant


And here’s an example of a digital shot which had to be completed later IN PHOTOSHOP!

Il Belaggio, West Palm Beach

But let’s not be concerned with the tools. Let’s recognize the photographer who wields them. In the end, that’s my point.

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