Interiors Residential


Photographing Residential Interiors

Dan Forer has worked with many of today’s premier interior designers and architects. Their goal is to communicate their artistry and skill to a viewer who may not have the ability to visit a site in-person. Using the medium of a photograph, Dan Forer brings the viewer into the site allowing him to feel as though he’s actually there. Dan’s photographic skills in composition and lighting help him succeed in this. His college background was in the study of theatre and especially, the study of in theatrical lighting. Theatre lighting is a critical element in the success of any production and an elemental device that moves the emotions of the viewer. True to this dictum, Dan paints his photographic compositions with a light which must seem natural to the scene yet augments and dramatizes. Using these techniques, his photography steers the viewer to personally engage in the scene and feel as though he were actually there. It’s a special skill. No photograph of Dan’s is a casual effort. Always conscious of his responsibility to “tell a story”, Dan creates shots for each project which will help build a successful magazine story. Dan Forer’s goal is to see every one of his assignments published and he works through his association with many magazines to achieve that end.