Interiors Commercial


Photographing Commercial Interiors

Dan Forer works closely with designers and architects of commercial and institutional interiors to capture and represent the strongest design features of their projects. Commercial photo-shoots are quite complicated to plan and execute. Since most of these projects are “working spaces”, places that must continue to operate even though photography is taking place, this presents scheduling challenges that have to be surmounted if the shoot is to succeed. Frequently Dan has to work during the “wee hours” of the day when the sites are unoccupied. And with restaurant shoots, since unrestricted access to the entire space is required, Dan and his crew have to wait until the last customer has left. Only then, often after midnight, can tables be reset and Dan can start his shoot. Built-in lighting in commercial spaces is usually controlled from behind-the-scenes panels that have to be located and many levels adjusted for each shot. When it comes to additional lighting that Dan provides, he and his crew have to be careful not to overload the circuit-breakers. So a review of and access to all breaker box locations is a necessity on the shoot. Years of experience in this kind of assignment have caused Dan to insist on a pre-shoot walk-through with his client and operating personnel to help Dan answer the many technical questions regarding the site.