Architectural & Interior Design Photography

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Dan Forer, Photographer of Architecture and Interior Design.
Dramatic Composition. Expressive Lighting. Graphic Impact.

Dan Forer photographs Residential, Commercial and Institutional projects throughout the United States and The Caribbean:

Homes, Offices, Hotels, Restaurants, Yachts, Cruise Ships, Golf Courses, Museums, Stores, Malls, Theatres, Schools, Medical Facilities, Airports, Seaports, Libraries, Historic Sites, Manufacturing and Technical Facilities.

Dan Forer has honed his skills working hand-in-hand with the most accomplished architects and interior designers. Dan’s eye for composition and his exceptional lighting skills have cemented his reputation. His clients often comment on how easy it is to pick out a “Forer” photograph. It’s the reason Dan is commissioned by so many prestigious firms to interpret their projects. Architects, Designers and Builders seek the Dan Forer approach and the results it brings.

On location, Dan uses a high resolution system of Digital Image Capture. Once back from the shoot, each image is treated as an individual “work of art”. Dan’s post-production specialist, working with each image, brings the subtleties of color balance and tonal range to their maximum expression. No technique is overlooked in bringing each shot to the highest level of enhancement it can attain.

Dan is a “Contributing Photographer” to Architectural Digest Magazine. As well, Dan has contributed to many books on residential and commercial design. Dan’s photographs appear in such magazines as: Interior Design, Home & Design, Architectural Record, Florida Design, Visual Merchandising, Hospitality Design, Veranda, Southern Accents, Inside-Out, Casa & Estilo, Florida International, AD Italia.

Dan Forer will organize, plan and carry out the most complex assignment for you, making it a project of great promotional value for your firm.